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My passion at Trinity Brew Co. is to produce beers of the highest standards.

I personally ensure the integrity of our products is of the highest quality, by only releasing creations that I am personally proud of.

Trinity is symbolic; the perfect combination of

hops, malt and water.

Handpicked specialist British malt is selected for each individual unique character of Trinity Craft beer recipes; some call it the soul of the beer, so we ensure its a heavenly experience!

Trinity; the perfect combination of Classic, New World, European HOPS.

At Trinity we successfully experiment with the latest Innovations with HOPS and natural flavours.

Trinity never compromises on quality and we have a select group of suppliers, to ensure the optimal hop profile, for the best and cutting edge craft beer.


Only a hop skip and a jump from Burton, the home of the original craft brewers, we use this fantastic water, that the rest of the world tries to replicate.
Trinity is also representative of the love I have for Lichfield and it’s famous 3 spired cathedral, the only one in the U

I am John Waterman. After a successful career as a chef, I made the transition to front of house. I have over 20 years experience running some of the most iconic bars in Leeds and Birmingham.

I progressed into a brewery management role, which enriched my passion for quality craft beer and encouraged me to pursue my life long dream of owning my own brewery.

I am also a dedicated loving father to Freya and Alex & our dogs Hoppy & Ruby).I dream of a day that my children will join me in my passion for craft beer. (Alex getting to grips with the glamorous side of brewing)




Judge at an international beer competition.
Beer Instagram influencer.
International accreditation Certified Cicerone.
Professional qualification in knowledge of beer including not limited to ingredients, flavours, styles, tasting, brewing processes, storage, safety, quality food pairings and historical styles and beer / brewing history.
Professional Developmental accreditation in Ensuring beer authenticity
Cellar management,
Quality assurance and consistency of taste.
Quality assurance of brewing practices to ensure the exceptional standard of hygiene and quality to ensure a premium product.



I am passionate about my products.

They do not bow to fads & trends but my focus on your taste experience, through quality ingredients and depth of the flavours.

Everything is produced with passion for Trinity products rather than profits.


Ethics & code of conduct All malt giving to local farmers to support the community and offset our carbon footprint whilst developing links with  ethically minded individuals’ who are passionate about animal welfare. Equality and respect for all.

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